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Introducing the Edusteem Project

Edusteem is a project with the agenda to provide educational materials to the less privileged in the society. 
By this, promoting the growth of our steem(it) community. To bring our plans to bare, we understand the need to take steem(it) to schools, churches and beyond. We have been doing this now for about 2 months at the background. The @edusteem team have succeeded in distributing over 300 steem branded exercise books and biros and this can be seen in a post
@eugenecr7 made.
The alarming rate of poverty in basically all spheres of life in the country has affected the funding of education. If you go to virtually all Nigerian schools, most especially the government-owned schools you see how pathetic it looks in there. No lockers/chairs for children to sit on, no books for students to write on. This moved us to start the edusteem project to see how we can help out and promote our community. This would be replicated in all the 36 states of the federation plus the Federal Capital Territory with a total population of about 190 million Nigerians. We hope to reach all states of the federation providing assistance through educational materials fully funded with SBDs.
The @edusteem team will not only give the students educational materials, but also empower beneficiaries to become self-reliant and start earning via registering those above the age of 14 on steemit to provide for their basic educational needs.
Also, our target is to empower young Nigerians, those in school and out of school, looking for a better life. All of these activities are geared towards the greater promotion of the steem blockchain.
To read the full article by @edusteem  on Steemit Please CLICK HERE

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