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The steemSTEM project

What is SteemSTEM?
The steemSTEM project is a community-supported initiative to increase both the quality as well as visibility of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) posts on Steemit @steemstem
We think that the STEM disciplines are not just niche topics for discussion, but core subjects essential to the long term growth and development of Steemit as an internet social media hub. We believe that the development of a thriving STEM community will serve to both retain the current demographic as well as bring in new users through the presentation of both interesting and cutting edge material.
The project seeks in part to achieve these goal through the direct promotion of quality content posted on Steemit. The assessment of the quality of the content is achieved by a team of curators with expertise in various STEM disciplines who donate their time for the betterment of Steemit and the community.

To Read this full article by  @steemstem on Steemit CLICK HERE

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