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Cyberbullying: What Can The Student Victim Do?

Cyber Bullying has become a big menace for both the students and parents and has become one of the main perils of the information age

What is cyberbullying?
Cyberbullying is when an individual uses electronic technology to send taunting, mean, threatening or embarrassing messages to or about another individual. These can include e-mail, a text, a message, a chat site, a website or an online post. There are Face Book, Instagram, Twitter and other social media sites. It can also include devices such as cell phones, computers and tablets. Unfortunately it can also be anonymous which can lead to worse cases of harassment and bullying. One of the worst things about cyberbullying is that it can reach out to a very wide audience and it is a very fast way of spreading negative information whether true or false. Victims of cyberbullying can feel that they can’t get away from this taunting and bullying torture. It can literally send an individual over the edge. - @cabbagepatch on Steemit.

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